Nucleus beehive for sale

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We produce quality beehive nucs from our stock in Hawkes Bay.

2018 season price per nuc is $340+GST

Nucs are made of five 3/4  frames with a strong laying queen, four frames mixed brood and stores and one frame partially drawn/filled frame to avoid premature swarming. Every nuc is methodically checked and can be either pick-up directly from us in Hawkes-bay or delivery option can be arranged.

Our nucs are sold without wood ware but we are happy to transfer them into your core flute box or choice of storey.  

Note that if you wish to buy bees, you may have to order in advance so that you don’t miss out.  Ensure you have everything set up to and ready for your bees before you receive them as they will need to be transferred to a 10 frame box as soon as possible. Also, have a good supply of food for the bees, until they settle and begin their normal foraging.

For more information, you can contact Francois on 0277746131 or email me at or alternatively you can fill the form below.

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